Primary Attack Grade and Damage Secondary Attack Grade and Damage Concentration and Hit Rate and Defence Grades and Defences

Primary Attack Grade and Damage

This is the attack grade and damage of your primary weapon. (Primary weapons are Swords, Bows, and Wands.) Firstly, you can see a damage range. This damage range is not the damage you deal to the opponent, but just a gauge. The actual damage you deal to the opponent is affected by your attack grade, the opponent’s defence and defence grade and other elemental factors.
Another thing that affects your damage is the attack grade. The attack works in a simple way, and follows this formula:
Your Attack grade – opponent’s Defence grade = Grade difference effect (%Increase/decrease)

The Grade difference effect is shown below:
0 grade = 0%
1 grade = 10%
2 grade = 15%
3 grade = 22%
4 grade = 32%
5 grade = 43%
6 grade = 54%
7 grade = 65%
8 grade = 90%
9 grade = 120%
10 grade = 200%

(for example: I have a Primary weapon 100~200, +10. My opponent has a defence grade +6.
10 – 6 = 4.
My weapon will hit an additional 32%.
So, 100~200 X 132%.)

(*Note: Grade Difference only affects Damage Range.
It does not affect Hit rate/Concentration or Critical Rate and Critical Damage)

(Critical Rate and Damage applies to both Primary and Alt weapons, which will be discussed later.)

Secondary Attack Grade and Damage
This is the Attack Grade and Damage range of your secondary weapon, also known as alt weapon. (Secondary weapons are Crossbows, daggers, and spell guns.) Again, you see an Attack Grade and Damage range. The Attack Grade and Damage range of the alt weapon works the same way as your primary weapon. The alt weapon is used in some skills and even in some Specialist Classes. (Refer to above for the Attack grade table)
All weapons, except wands have this: . This shows the chance to do critical and the damage. Critical chance and damage is set by the equipment you use, so it changes when you wield other weapons. The critical chance and damage can be also affected by other equipments of the character (e.g. Hat). The Change in Critical % and Critical Damage is shown in the character page.

Concentration and Hit Rate
Higher Concentration reduces the chance that your spell gets interupted when casting.
Higher Hit Rate increases the chance to hit the enemy without a miss.

Defence Grades and Defences
Defence is vital for survival, so you need as much defence as possible, but there are so many types of defence, so which is which?

First, let’s talk about Defence Grades. It works the same as Attack Grades, in terms of the Grade difference effect. As mention earlier, the formula for grade difference effect still applies, but now, it’s reversed.
(For example, you have a armour with XX defence and its +5. Your opponent has a attack of 100~200 and +6 grade.
6 – 5 = 1.
You get 10% more damage from your opponent’s attack.)

This grade difference, applies to:
  • Melee Defence
  • Range Defence
  • Magic Defence

(*Note: Grade difference does not affect dodge rate.)

Melee Defence is denoted by this:. The first value reduces the damage taken from short-range attacks only. The second value reduces the chance for an opponent to hit you with Short-range attacks only.

Range Defence is denoted by this: . The first value reduces the damage taken from Long-range attacks only. The second value reduces the chance for an opponent to hit you with Lone-Range attacks only.

Magic Defence is denoted by this: . This value reduces the damage taken from Magic attacks only. There is no Dodge value for Magic attack, simply because Magic attack is not avoidable.

Nostale Trick "Fusion"

The item placed in the first slot is the item that you are keeping.
The item placed in the second slot is the item that you want to fuse.

The number of fusion is showed as “sum”.
It follows a general formula: sum = n-1
Where n = number of gloves/boots used.

For example, two 1 sum gloves are fused together, the product is 3 sum.
Because 1 sum gloves are made of 2 gloves, so 2 pieces of 1 sum gloves make 4 gloves.
Using the formula,
sum = n - 1
sum = 4 - 1
sum = 3

Gloves and boots can be made a maximum of 6 sum.
The success rate is shown below:
  • 1 sum = 100%
  • 2 sum = 100%
  • 3 sum = 85%
  • 4 sum = 70%
  • 5 sum = 50%
  • 6 sum = 20%

(*Note: Failure in combining results in destruction of both items)

Nostale Event

There are events in Nostale that happen on a hourly or daily basis.
Below are some listed events and their discription.

Rainbow Crystal Battle
Rainbow Crystal Battle is basically a game of PvP.
More information explained in this post.
(*NOTE: You do not get 10k SP for walkover win. In this case, the seal will not get used up.)
Posted by SwordFish
Rainbow Crystal event!

Land Of Death
Land Of Death is a training ground for family members. it is a place recommended for level 50+. You may also obtain some rare items in this place.
Monsters in Land of death include: Reborn Devil, Skull Drake, Fire Drake, Dark Lander, Death Knight, Dark Horn.
Prepare yourself with mainly fire and dark resist (>100%) and you have a lower chance of dying.

Lod Timings by Moja
Land of Death Timer

Instant Combat
Instant Combat is a pay to enter, mass kill event. Up to 50 players can join an instant combat session and the aim is to survive all 5 waves for monster spawns and kill the boss monsters that spawn in the last wave.
Facts about Instant Combat:
  • Items will spawn around 1min after each wave
  • You cannot revive in Instant Combat
  • Instant Combat has 2 category, level 1~50 and 51~99.
  • You will receive gold, reputation and dignity as rewards only if you defeat all the monsters, not just surviving.

A small info showing the times for Instant Combat, the monsters and the items.
Info from SilentAerrow
Instant combat and Ice breaker time

Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker is another pay to enter event. The aim of event is have 1 team in domination. In an event which there is only 2 person around, you only have to defeat your opponent once to win.
Facts about Ice Breaker:
  • Aka Freeze tag
  • When you are killed for the first time, you are frozen
  • kill somebody twice and he/she will be out of the event
  • There are a few category in Ice breaker
  • The person who killed you cannot unfreeze you
  • You are in the party of the person who unfreeze you; it will not show as a party, but you cannot hurt each other.
  • Winning the event gives you gold, reputation and dignity as rewards

Tip and Trick . . . Raid Namaju


In Nosville Meadow, turn to the left into the Full Moon Roof, there's a ts there, complete it! Tongue . Mission is defeat nonomaru and kill alot of ninjas that is all.


  • 40 minutes timer (I think)
  • Pull 5 levers
  • Kill 5 Small Namaju avatar
  • Watch out for traps
  • Kill Namaju before bombs falls on you (5minutes left in raid )

Note on Namaju raid:
Namaju raid is for level 50-99, lower level can join the raid but I prefer experienced people and level 55+. This raid is quite easy, if the teams cooperate properly. It’s really not that hard, just watch out for Nonomaru, Ghost in love and ninjas. Kill these in order Ghost>Nonomaru>ninjas, ghosts are really powerful so don’t gather a lot of them. When you see a trap under you (a red circle under you) do not stick with the crowd, I REPEAT DO NOT STICK WITH THE CROWD, just go above the team so the spike will not attack team mates. Only Pull the levers after you see mission update (killing the shining small namaju avatar). NOW ONLY LEVEL 20 JAJAMARU SKILLS CAN HURT NAMAJU OR SMALL NAMAJU (Power of Empty Heart)

Team Requirements for Namaju Raid:

  • Level 50+ (prefer level 55+)
  • 6+ Job Level 20 for jajamaru (to hurt namaju)
  • 2+ Warriors
  • 3+ Mage (2 Holy ,age and 1 Normal mage,)(1 Red mage is acceptable for more fire power)
  • Joyful and understanding people lol
  • Where are the archers you say? Well they’re not really needed.. But you can add them if you want.

The People’s Role:

Warrior - lure the enemies to the group (remember lure a certain amount). Remember warriors you can not hurt Namaju, so at the boss stage kill only the ninjas. And other stage either stun the Small Namaju Avatar or sit and watch the Jajamaru kill Namaju.

Mage/HolyMage - Heal and buff the team. There are 4 parts of buffing; the beginning, the 3rd room,5th room and the boss room. Just basically heal the team and every so often check the HP of the leader. At the Boss stage kill the ninjas and heal.

Jajamaru - MUST BE LEVEL 20, if the jajamaru hob level is not 20 it’s useless. Anyways, just frog, bomb, fire and shoot stars at the ninjas, when namaju comes, attack it with the level 20 skills (Power of Empty Heart).

Archers/Sin - Just kill the ninjas and pull lever when namaju is dead but any can pull the levers when namaju is dead =P. That is all

Firstboss’s Team set up:

  • 7-10 Jajamaru
  • 1 Norma mage
  • 2 Holy mages
  • 2 Warriors
  • If cant get more than 7 jajamaru put warriors/archer/sin or more holy mages

Tip and Trick . . . Raid Dark Castra

Dark Castra Raid

Level: 50-70

Mission Objective
  • 120 Minutes Timer.
  • Kill 22 Specific Dustdeaths
  • Push 6 buttons
  • Watch out for Traps.
  • Defeat Dark Castra within 15 minutes, once inside the Death Chamber

Raid Summary
Dark Castra Raid is consider for Lv50-69. However, it's recommended for Lv62+, due to equipment power boost from Lv62 Armor / Lv63 Weapon are ideal for this raid. Lv54 is a minimum level standard, since the necessary equipment to use is at this level point for Mages (Holy Orb is very much needed weapon for light mage.) Swordie and Archers is minimum require at Lv55 due to equipment issues as well (Ginseng Armors.) Unlike other previous Raids, Dark Castra require more coordination and teamwork among each other to be able to successfully complete the first phase of the Raid; Getting to the Boss Room without losing vitality. It's very important to get to the Boss room without losing any vitality, since the boss room (AKA Death Room) itself is not a very easy place to survive. The team needs all the vitality preserved as much as possible.

General Rule for this raid

* Minimum Lv54+
* Recommend Lv62+
* Refer to this post for other specific details if DC Raid is right for you.
* Set 1 person to be designated button presser.
* Set 1-2 person to be lure, one primary and one secondary.
* An Ideal person to handle luring is someone with a fast pet/nosmate that can take a beating before it dies.
* Make sure team member Bring 2 Def and 1 Atk Amulets.
* Make sure to bring your BEST pets/nosmate. Set them on Auto-Revive (have plenty of Seeds on hand.)
* Move together as a group and stick together as one. This will allow buffs and heal to effectively land on you.

Tip: Save/Make and bring Noodles, as they give a handy boost of additional (+400HP) of upto 20%MaxHP (require to eat multiple time for max 20% HP boost.)

Your roles as:
  • - A Lure: Your job is only to lure as much as you think the team can handle, don't over do it. Always try to lure it back to the team, and not wait for the team to catch up to you. It's always a better idea to use your pet/nosmate to pull agro for you, instead of using yourself (removing risk of dying), as vitality is not expendable.

  • - An Warrior: You are responsible for keeping Mages away from harm. Provoke when needed, if you're taking too much damage, back away as soon as possible and keep your health in green status by dieting on Healthy Crispy Fried Chickens. Pop-in a few big 32oz potion drinks if you're feeling yellow.

  • - An Mage: You are responsible for always keeping Light Protection and Heal Aura on team members. Use whatever necessary skills to help clear monsters the team is facing.

  • - An Holy Mage(s): You are responsible for making sure Holy Weapon and Blessed shield is on all team members. Your heal should always focus on the person luring or the tanker using provoke. Holy Hammer when necessary; best time to do so is when a Warrior had just provoked. If the leader is taking damage, priority healing before aid in attacking. Leader must stay healthy at all times possible.

  • - An Fire Mage: If assigned to this role, just ensure Fire Fairy Warriors are buffed with Blessed Fire and help clear out group of monsters with your area of effect spells.

  • - An Archer: Turn Ranger and suppliment leader / team member with buffs. Either stay ranger or revert back to normal form and aid in dispatching key target monsters. However, reverting back to previous form will cause you to lose buffs, so only do so when a rebuff will be coming soon. Repeat when necessary. Avoid moving ahead of warriors/tankers. --or alternatively turn to...

  • - An Assassin: Go Invisble Mode and move ahead of party. Seek out Key Target Monsters and use Chain to pull them away from supporting monsters. This tactic only works for certain spots, due to some spot has multiple key monsters to kill (and you can only chain one at a time). However, it is highly recommended to move all the way to the boss room portal area and pull the 3 key monsters away from Catsy, so later the team can have an easier time killing and getting into the boss room.

Team Setup:
  • Minimium 5 Mages
    * (recommend 8-10 Light Mages total)
  • Minimium 4 Warriors
    * (if lacking mages; 8-10 Light Warriors total alternative recommend)
    * (If not enough warriors with light fairy, all stay fire and need 1 FireMage.)
  • Optional 1 Archer
    * (if lacking mage/warriors; fill in with additional Light Archers)
  • Last 5-6 spots can be any capable player fit for DC Raid.

    * - Survival and Quick damage is the key to beating Dark Castra.

Monsters inside Dark Castra Raid: Lv60~75
Angry Stone-Walker
Agi Bighorned Imps
Agi Strawee
Vicious Strawee
Weak Skull
Evil Weak Skull
Grim Skull
Furious Skull
Semi Red-Hot Golem
Hard Red-Hot Golem
Agi Red-Hot Golem
Sad DustDeath
Melancholy DuskDeath
Ugly Spearmen Demon
Lucent Dust King
Translucent Dust King
Dork Gargs
Darksy Dame Sylvia

-=Raid Tactics|~
If you're hosting the raid, make sure every team member is well stocked and equipped. Ensure and remind your team members to bring enough Fried Chicken, Defend Amulet and Attack Amulets. Make sure they have at least 50 Big HP Potions and they use them when necessary.

If you're joining someone's Dark Castra Raid, make sure you're well stock and fit for the raid. If not, please do the entire team a favor and state you're not well prepared to go. If the raid team finds out you're not prepare for this, you're only going to damage your reputation and be known to the team as a Noob Raider.

Once you have your team assembled. Ensure everyone know what their roles are and they've transformed into that specific class role necessary for the raid mission. It is always a great idea to do full buff inside, once the raid starts. This is because everyone is grouped right next to each other. Do not move until you're fully buffed.

Click for Image

Inside, you'll be faced with only Dark Attribute monsters. However, while DustDeaths and DustKings are Dark Attribute, they have a Fire Attribute attack skill that they use every-now-and-then. So becareful when tanking too many of those at once, as they can easily KO your character with a few cast.

Advise your team to not move ahead of the 1st button(image above). Instead, have everyone gather and be ready for teleportation(image below). Have Heal Aura on a fresh timer before teleporting the team. Your team will be teleported a little north, skipping the Agi Strawee in the hallway(image below), onto a different small group of Agi Strawee which will attemp to ambush your party. There is a single Key DustDeath to kill up ahead and 4 Dustdeaths supporters that each act as a monster trap. If the team kill them, it'll spawn a horde of Evil Weak Skulls, which isn't really much of a problem for a good raid team to handle. Our team of just six was able to easily remove the threat.
There is also a button to the right, the 2nd button(image below), guarded by a few monsters. Avoid pressing this button for now.As the team continue to advance, the next path is a long hallway leading toward a right-path direction on the radar/mini-map. It is highly recommended the Raid Team wait at the designated spot in the above screenshot and allow someone to lure a few monsters (couple of Evil Weak Skulls and 1 Strawee) out of the way.Avoid killing these monsters as it will spring a deadly monster summon trap, that can instantly kill a team member, if all of the monster focused on that one player. The team should run along the wall. While the person luring should be luring at the opposite wall of the team. Once the team member has pass agro range. The person luring go into hide mode to lose agro. of the monsters. There is a button in this room as well, the 3rd button, avoid touching it for now.If for whatever reason your Raid Team rather just kill these monsters, be warned, each Skull killed summons a group of DustDeaths, which can easily spawn over 40 of them instantously. Especially if the team do area of effect attacks and kill them all in one go. So if the team insist on killing, do so of killing a few at a time.

The result of killing the trap monsters instead:

Now with the Raid Team avoiding yet another unnecessary conflict and potential death of a team member. It is now a good time for that person to run back and press the 2nd button. Assassins will have an easy time to take care of the buttons. If there are no assassin(archer base class) in the raid team, a Jajamaru will be required for this task.

And this is why... 27 DustDeaths will spawn once the button is pressed. So make sure you go invisible when activating that 2nd button.

Click for Image

As the person in charge of buttons taking care of his/her task (make sure to get the 3rd button as well) on the way back, and of course, be in "Hide" mode. The Raid Team should continue to move on and clearing monsters up ahead.

All monsters in this immediate area will need to be cleared, there's no need to worry about trap monsters, yet.

In this large room, clear all the necessary monsters in the way. The screenshot below will provide more details.

Once majority of the monsters are clear, advise the team to move toward the wall as shown in the screenshot. They'll need to remain there for just a few moments until the lurer gather all the trap monsters and move them out of the way.

As long as you're hugging the wall, you can run along ahead, just make sure you do not attract the monsters the person is luring.

Luring the trap monsters out of the way save the party from potential deaths and avoiding unnecessary battles. If the team decided to kill those skulls, the team would be facing many of these "sets" of Sad Dustdeath spawns.

If your team insist on killing them, don't say I didn't warn you...

Moving along into the next area, killing [Hard Red-Hot Golem] along the way, the team will now be dealing with Lv7X version of the golems, skulls, and dustdeath in the coming area. It is very important to not lure too many, as these higher level monsters are not easy to tank if your level difference is too great. They also can kill any team member just meeting the level requirement for the raid easily. Being Lv54 vs a Lv75 is a huge level gap difference. The 5th button is also nearby in this section.

The result of triggering the 5th button.

Once the team clear through the Lv7X monsters, the first Dustking will appear. Kill it and the monsters in that area. Moving further on, the team will be facing Catsy. They're not much of a problem to handle, but just becareful of their area of effect debuffs that lowers dark resistant of not only just you, but people around you too.

The Darksy Dame Sylviva are specially very nasty with their aoe debuff that technically "blackout" your character/team for a while.

Eventually your team will run into the final last button, the 6th button. It is extremely important to not trigger this button until everyone is out of the area and must be done with invisible mode. Triggering the button will spawn multiple Dustkings that can noobify you and your entire team.

Furthermore, there is this next area that the team must go through-- It is highly recommended to lure the monsters out of the way instead of confronting them. All these monsters are all traps.

Once that's out of the way and the team moves on. The last part are clearing out the 3 remaining DustDeaths that's protected by 6 Darksy Dame Sylvia, that once their HP are low, will spawn 10 Red-Hot Golem Each.

The team can either kill everything or alternatively pull only the DustDeaths out of the monsters guarding them with Chain or Upgraded Taunt Shooting and kill only those. Then send pet/nosmate in first to distract the Catsy and have the team run for it to the Boss Portal.

If the team decides to fight and clear everything for the last part. Be extra careful for their really annoying debuff. If they are able to keep chaining it on your team, you can be rendered hopeless as they can potentially permanently stun you, if they keep taking turn casting that debuff.

The Boss Room

The tactic is rather simple here to explain. Switch to Attack Amulets for the Boss Room. Rebuff inside the Portal. Then move on up to disbatch 5 Translucent DustKings. Have the entire team gather by the Tomb. Remain there until Dark Castra shows up. It takes 3 minutes for him to come out.

From that time onwards, the team must kill Castra within 14 minutes. If fail to do so, your team will quickly be wiped out by more powerful version of the Dust Kings showing up once the 14 minutes has elapsed.

Always attack in melee proximity. Do not attack in full range distance. This will ensure buffs and heal will land on everyone.

The Team MUST have a damage per 3 second output of 18,000. That's 12 players doing 1,500 per 3 seconds. If your team lack that damage output. You will have an EXTREMELY hard time achieving victory. With a DPS of 18k, in just about 14 minutes, Dark Castra would've taken 5.04M damage. Which is just nearly killing him.

This damage boost is universal and applies to Archers as well and not just for Swordman class.

This is why it is extremely important to use Light Fairy for this raid. You will not be able to do a consistant 1.5k damage without a Light Fairy + Holy Weapon. As Dark Castra greatest weakness is Light. Your damage will be pathetic and not helping the team if you use any other Fairy besides Light.

Warriors avoid using your single target skills when using Light Fairy in boss room. As skill DPS is worst than just normally attacking. DO use your AOEs to help clear hordes of monsters. Provoke and Fear when necessary to help take aggressive off Archers/Mage. Time when to use Puree as the team will need to chase after Dark Castra as it will teleport around the area.

Most important factor is damage in the boss room. Once your team has that, victory will be more possible. Now, surviving is also the next major concern.

Holy Weapon, Bless Shield, and Light Protection are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT *MUST* Buffs to have on. You will not survive without it. As long as you have these 3 buffs on, you will be able to take direct damage from Dark Castra and be able to stay INSIDE with the group. If you do not have these buffs on. AVOID taking damage from Dark Castra until you get rebuffed.

Holy Mages - You have a HUGE role in here - Very important that you rebuff ASAP if a person dies. However, it takes that player a few seconds to revive. So don't buff instantly when the person hasn't even revive yet. If you die as a Holy Mage, move out of Dark Castra attacks and then rebuff yourself. If you can't rebuff yourself, let the team know so the other Holy Mage can rebuff you.

Always keep buffs active. Never let it get near to fading away. It's important to watch your MP as you do your HP. The number one cause of death for Mages is not maintaining your MP. If you don't keep your MP at a surplus, you won't be able to attack, let alone heal and use buffs.

Dark Castra has a nasty Debuff call Despair. This debuff causes you to ALWAYS 100% take double damage from ALL ATTACKS. This debuff need to be remove ASAP. Cure priority on Despair. DO NOT WASTE It on removing blackout/stun. As Cure has a long CD (CoolDown) time. The best way to deal with this is TOP list Holy Mage cure first. Then following down the list, the 2nd Holy Mage Cure Despair if Castra does it again. Keep the rotation going to remove that debuff. Let the other Holy Mage know you've used your Cure. So they'll know they're next on the rotation.

As long as the party has the damage output, full buffs on, and Holy/Mages do their job rotating to remove Despair and spamming heal + keeping Heal Aura up. Dark Castra will easily be elimated without much of a problem.

If you die mid-way into the fight and hordes of monsters are spawning. You'll be trap into a death-chain if you do not get rebuff soon. If you die more than 3 times and unable to recover. PLEASE DO THE RAID PARTY A FAVOR AND LOG OFF. Your continue deaths will potentially cause the party to lose and can put your name to shame. It'll be hard to redeem yourself for future DC Raids if you keep dying.

Well this is the end of the guide. If you have any questions or even new tricks for this raid and would like me to include into this guide, do post.

I hope you found it informative and useful for Dark Castra raids in your future experiences and I look forward for more people getting ready for this much challenging raid.

Credit Raniie And NostaleUK